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Victoria Arduino Mythos MY 75,Espresso Grinder -White

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Victoria Arduino
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Victoria Arduino Mythos MY 75,Espresso Grinder

  • Grinding disc: 75 mm Titanium Burrs
  • 1.5 Kg Hopper
  • Capable of grinding more than 18 Kg / Hour
  • Micrometric grind adjustment
  • Temperature control allows you to adjust the grind temperature between 20-50 degrees Celsius
  • Touchscreen to access the intuitive adjustment system and all other info through the sleek touchscreen in front of the machine
  • 3 Dosing options, manual barista mode, shot counter, and more
  • Tailored granulometry: Barista can read burrs distance directly from the display to have an improved understanding of grind setting variables.
  • Portafilter Holder for handsfree grinding
  • Dual cooling fan
  • Impressive clump crusher
  • 1500 Kg grinding disk capability before replacing
  • Perfect for mid-size coffee shops
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Victoria Arduino Mythos MY 75,Espresso Grinder

Victoria Arduino Mythos is the coffee grinder developed to define a new idea of precision and control. Now, the time has come to set a new level of grinding perfection.

For those who live the legend:
We are people living their profession with passion. Our pursuit of excellence is never ending. Mythos remains the legend of creating excellence in coffee. Since 2013 it continues its destiny of being a key partner in expanding our passion. And now we expand that partnership to reach a new level of grinding perfection. Again.

Grinding perfection. Again.:
Mythos was born to define absolute control and precision in coffee grinding. Reborn today, Mythos further advances its user experience by bringing evolution to its function and design. Together we achieve the grinding perfection. Again.

Improved User Experience:

  • Functionality with a single touch
    The new touchscreen display is even more user-friendly. Baristas can easily change settings, read all the information needed and maintain total control of the grinder.


Mythos is an on-demand grinder that focuses on two technologies able to improve the extraction quality of the coffee. It is extremely precise, pays attention to not produce excess waste, is acoustically comfortable, and is simple to use.

A New Generation of Grinders Materials and finishing touches that make the difference, advanced technologies, and smart details

Mythos 1 is incomparable for its innovative Clima Pro technology and Clump Crush system. They are both functional methods that guarantee a constant dose regulating the outflow and raise the quality of the extracted coffee.

Absolute Control:

  • Perfect flow and zero waste
    Today, Mythos further improves its clump crusher and outlet spout, by simplifying and reinforcing it to guarantee perfect flow of ground coffee in the filter. The new filter holder hook design sends ground coffee into the filter thus minimising waste. Mythos native and patented technology that meets the needs of the modern coffee professionals: maximum consistency, zero waste and ease of maintenance.

New Design:

  • Doubled coolness
    We were the first to install two fans instead of one, and again the first to mount them both on the back. This provides for ideal airflow inside of the grind chamber. Counter space is a premium for cafes’ you need to use several grinders at the same time for different needs, now each grinder can be set side by side. A wall of excellence at your service.
Hopper Capacity (kg): 1.5
Burr Size (mm): 75
Burr Type: Flat
Country of Origin: Italy
Manufacturer Warranty (Years): 2
Voltage (V): 230
Frequency (Hz): 50/60
Power (W): 450
Phase: 1
Amperage (A): 1.9
Height (mm):475
Depth (mm): 395
Width: 195
Display Type: Digital

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