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Timemore Fish Smart Electric Kettle 800ml Black

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Timemore Fish Smart Electric Kettle  :

Color: Black
Capacity: 800mL
Voltage: 220 – 240 V~
Hertz: 50 – 60Hz
Rated power: 1500W
Material: 304 stainless steel, ABS
Kettle Width: 117mm Height:163mm
Total Width:295mm
Base Width: 145mm Height:28mm
Weight:1.33 kg

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Timemore Fish Smart Electric Kettle :

Precise & Steady Pouring: The Pour over electric kettle has a long gooseneck spout that gives you ultimate control over the water volume and flow rate, which help you to make the perfect coffee and tea like a pro.

Quick Heating: With a 1350 watt quick heating function, Timemore electric gooseneck kettle boils full kettle of water (0.8L) up to 212℉ in 3 minutes to satisfy your desire anytime with a great cup of pour-over coffee.

Touch & Slide: Always easily program desired temperature by sliding your fingers on the LED bar to 33℉ accuracy from 104 to 212℉. Instead of waiting to reheat the water, you can also set to keep the water at specific temperature for up to 1 hour.

For Your Safety: With a built-in auto-off and boil-dry protection, our pour over kettle automatically turns off when it reaches the desired temperature or when there is no water inside. And special design is added for the dual-wall lid with air holes hidden by the side to keep you safe from the steam.

Elegant & Comfortable: A matte black minimalistic design makes this goose necked kettle a eye-catcher anywhere while stainless steel craftsmanship ensures is rust resistant; plus, a balanced body with an ergonomic shape and design handles maximize your comfort to lift, pour and fill for a longer time.

What’s In The Box: Fish Smart Kettle

Power: 1000W
Capacity: 600 ml
Temp.: 40℃-100℃
Max. 1500w
700ml (Actual 900ml)
Temperature control
Size of body 117cm length, 163cm high
Size of base 147mm length, 161cm wide
Weigh 1kg
304 grade stainless steel


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