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Upto 10% off on Festive bundles and offers.

TIMEMORE Chestnut C3 Coffee Grinder-Black

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TIMEMORE Chestnut C3 Coffee Grinder: 

  • Original patented S2C660 Burrs inside.
  • Diameter : 52mm slim body, Capacity : 20 grams .Weight : 473 g.
  • Aluminum alloy bean canister .
  • Consistent and smooth grinding.
  • Precise and adjustable coarseness for different needs .
  • Equipped with one storage bag and one cleaning brush.
  • Suitable for home, travel and camping.
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TIMEMORE Chestnut C3 : 

  • UPGRADED VERSION OF C2: Share the same size but upgraded with new S2C steel burrs adopted from the Chestnut X in a smaller 38mm size, 2022 new released TIMEMORE CHESTNUT C3 has better cutting performance, ensuring your coffee beans taste their best by consistently and swiftly ground.
  • STEPLESS GRINDING ADJUSTMENT: Easily rotate the dial according to your preference from finer to coarser settings in almost half of the steps than C2 (Espresso settings begin around 8 clicks backward from the start point); you can use this hand grinder for everything from espresso to pour over and French press.
  • DISTINCTIVE LOOK & FEEL: Combing with diameter of 52mm and an unique anti-slip textured  manual burr coffee grinder is easier to hold; also the ergonomically shaped crank handle that spins smoothly allows you to grind enough for a big cup in one minute.
  • INTEGRATED METAL BODY FOR LONGER LASTING: Aluminum alloy body makes Timemore grinder a great light coffee grinder for travel or camping. At the same time, durability is guaranteed by the stainless steel crank handle, driveshaft, and the conical burrs.
  • COMPACT BUT PRACTICAL: A prefect size and weight in just around a pound (473 g) to be easy to hold and carry, but still has a decent capacity of 25 grams, enough for preparing a cup or two in daily use.
Elegant Obsidian Grinder

Obsidian color entire metal shell, frosted aluminum warm and delicate, exquisite style; Compared with C2, the grinding power is more uniform at the pour-over size level.

Original S2C Burr Inside

Based on the SUS440 42mm S2C 860 burr on the original Chestnut-X, reduced the size and fine-tuning parameters were to form a SUS420 38mm S2C 660 conical burr.

Entry-level Espresso Hand Grinder

Although there is not much adjustment range at the Espresso level, it takes both grinding efficiency and power quality; Clicks7, only 55s to get 18g Espresso powder, and about 90%<600μm.

Consistent Grinding

Two ball-bearing fix the central shaft to ensure the fluency and concentricity of the burr set, with S2C 660 SUS420 conical burr, consistent grinding.

Solid and Stable Grip Feel

Classic three-dimensional lattice pattern, 52mm body, non-slip, and easy to hold

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