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Brewing Happiness Together

Our mission is to provide a one-stop shop for all the Brewing needs by providing utmost significance to Quality Products & exemplary Customer Service

Headquartered out of Dubai, Brewing Gadgets had the humble beginning in 2011. We have strived to offer the finest coffee brewing gadgets to extract that perfect shot of coffee. Our solutions encompass a wide range of products and brands – espresso machines, grinders, barista tools, brewing contraptions and other accessories.

Early Days

Early Days Our founder, fourth generation of a family in the Coffee business started his career as a Barista and went on to win the India Barista Championship in 2006. In the later years, he served as a Jury in the esteemed UAE and India Barista Championships. With technical and practical knowledge of day-to-day Café business operations, he soon realized the need for a centralized solution to help customers experience the third wave in the Coffee world. That was our Aha!! moment and the birth of Brewing Gadgets.

Our Business Model

In three words, Brewing Gadgets is “Big On Service”. We pride ourselves in being one of the most innovative companies in the Middle East and Asia Pacific world of Coffee. All this with a hallmark of excellence in quality and customer service.

A Big Thanks

We have grown our team with the addition of our new office in India and will continue to serve the community with utmost care and honesty. We thank our customers and partners for their continued trust and business with us. Last but not the least, a big shout out to the BG team for all their hard work and dedication.

We are just a call away for all your Brewing needs. Happy Brewing!!

– Brewing Gadgets Team

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