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Timemore Grinder Go Electric Coffee Grinder Capacity 60g

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Product Size(HxWxD): 20.3×8.5×8.5 cm

Product Weight: 642g

Color: Matte Black. Can store coffee beans.

Bean Canister: 80g. Can store coffee beans.

PowerBean Canister: 60g. 15g×4 = grind four servings one time.

Electric Motor: DC motor, no-load revolutions 80±10% RPM.

Rated Voltage: DC 7.4V

Rated Power: 20W

Battery: 3.7V 800mAh×2

Charging Port: USB TYPE-C

Material: Stainless Steel + Glass + PCGT + ABS + PP

Grinder Burr: TIMEMORE New Generation E&B Stainless Steel Conical Burr

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CORDLESS ELECTRIC COFFEE GRINDER | Built-in 2 800mAh lithium batteries, with USB charge, it only takes 2-3 hours to fully charge, each time it can grind up to 15 g coffee beans, can be used 30 times. It saves time and effort than a manual coffee grinder. Also, not likes the traditional electric burr grinder, no need socket, desktop space-saving.


STAINLESS STEEL BURR GRINDING CORE | The Grinder Go grinder adopts the E&B (Espresso And Brewing) all-round grinding core independently developed by TIMEMORE. CNC professional grade stainless steel, which is uniformly ground and durable. Better retaining the original flavor of coffee beans, allowing you to taste more original hand-pushed coffee.


POINT TYPE THICKNESS ADJUSTER | Designed an adjustable knob at the bottom of the bean silo, rotating 0-10 click adjustment gears, which can precisely control the thickness of grinding. Easily respond to the brewing needs of Mocha Pots, Hand-made Pots, French Press, Cold Brew, Electric Drip Maker, Percolation, etc.


ONE-KEY OPERATIONON/OFF BUTTON | With just one touch, you can easily enjoy the cozy coffee life. TIMEMORE Grinder Go Electric Coffee Grinder fixed with double bearings, grinding coffee beans much better and evenly. It will adjust and continue to grind automatically if it gets stuck. But for safety, it will stop when stuck constantly or grinding with no beans in it.


EASY TO CARRY AND CLEAN | Small portable body and wireless working mode allows you to enjoy convenience anytime, anywhere. Closed glass powder bin, no powder leak, and not dirty the table. Cleaning is simple, unscrewing the dial, removing the inner burr and spring, use the attached brush to remove the residual powder.

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