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Duralex Picardie Soft Touch Tumbler 6 set of 9cl

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Capacity: 9 cl

Diameter: 6.45 cm

Height: 6.7 cm

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Duralex glass products are tempered. The mechanical and thermal resisting properties are considerably increased compared to other ordinary glassware products.

The classic French tumbler, refreshed. These soft touch, matte black Picardie Tumblers are a contemporary design takes on tough, tempered glassware for the bar and table. The combination of durability and style means they are perfect for a busy drinks service environment. Both are Duralex tempered glass, making them extremely strong and resistant to breakage and thermal shock, resisting temperatures of up to 266°F. Their impressive sturdiness and temperature resistance means they are a versatile serving option for everything from cocktails to coffee.

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