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Duomo coffee distributer the eight 58mm - Silver

DUOMO The Eight's 8 different things compare to previous one.

It became 8 needles! That's why DUOMO The Eight! Yes, It was 7. But we reseached a lot of time
and realized 8 needles are more efficient. And sure, We re-organized the needles's location for optimizing.

The needle has been changed to slimer so that less whole in the coffee also
those new needle is less electric statics so less coffee attached on the needles.

Shape of the handle changed for better grib of your hand. It is totally
easy and feel comfortable. No more worries to drop down DUOMO while you use.

Fine tuning for the needle depth controller so that you can use all of 
basket regardless depth of the basket such as triple basket or double.

Brush base improved a bit as well. Cleaner and more stable.

Shape of the body also changed a bit so that it is quite fit to 
portafilter. More stable with your portafilter.

Easy spinning system. Turn it around as much as your 
coffee distribute
AED 740  VAT incl
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