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Cuptimo Manual Vacuum Coffee Brewer

Product ID: Cuptimo

Properties and advantages
  • Full flavor because of zero-bypass vacuum extraction: As all brewing water is pulled through the full height of the coffee bed, an even, efficient extraction is achieved and the occurrence of channeling is minimized.
  • Reduced bitterness and astringency through the reduced brew time and because all water has to pass through the full height of the coffee bed, effectively filtering out the big coffee compounds causing astringency.
  • Grind size according to taste preference: Most brewing methods require a specific grind size to work properly. cuptimo offers the possibility to choose grind size of a very wide range (2 to 20+ clicks on the Comandante Grinder). Finer grinds make it easier to extract light roasts as well as producing an even extraction as the particle size variation is reduced.
  • Full immersion brewing.
  • Achieves exceptional high extraction yields (TDS:1.8+, EY28+).
  • In general sweeter, more balanced cups with reduced bitterness and astringency.
AED 294  VAT incl