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Victoria Arduino Mythos One On Demand Grinder

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Victoria Arduino
  • Micrometric Espresso Grinding: Get the perfect grind size for your espresso recipe easily with the repeatable micrometric settings.
  • Clima Pro Technology: Heats and cools when suitable to maintain a steady temperature from open to finish.
  • 75mm Flat Burrs: Titanium-coated steel burrs offer excellent precision and a longer lifespan than moderate flat burrs.
  • LCD Display: Instinctive display makes grinding, programming amounts, and tracking shots a cakewalk.
  • Zero-Retention Chamber: All the grounds get where they are needed, your portafilter.
  • Clump Crusher: Creative anti-clump screen and rapids keep grounds from adhering to each other.
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The Mythos is a Coffee Grinder that empowers your baristas to have more texture and management in operating the Victoria Arduino Mythos One Espresso Grinder. Featuring Victoria Arduino’s inventive Clima Pro technology, on-demand grinding, and micrometric precision. The key to this grinder is good reviews is the new Clima Pro technology. Operating not only effective cooling fans but also a heater, this grinder is able to maintain a steady internal temperature from open to close, so no more frustrating baristas as the grinder warms up in a few hours. The 75mm flat steel burrs are covered in titanium, offering not only precision but also an enhanced lifespan. As the fresh grounds travel down the tube, they are de-clumped by a new Victoria Arduino Clump Crusher screen and drop into your portafilter without getting stuck in the grinder.


Victoria Arduino


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