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Varia Multi Brewer

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Capacity (Jug): 500ml

Capacity (Kettle): 850ml

Weight: 1.5kg

Diameter: 90mm

Height (Jug): 150mm

Height (Boiler): 85mm

Materials: Stainless Steel, BPA-free Plastic, and Silicone

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Every coffee is unique, partned with coffee masters to design a coffee brewer that allows you to explore the world of coffee & tea in your home like never before.


The passion is to educate people about coffee and to help you improve your brewing skills, becoming part of the Varia family, will take you on a coffee journey in the hands of coffee masters.


Varia has been designed to be flexible, and whether your brewing coffee yourself, or for your friends & family, Varia is able to brew coffee for everybody’s taste.


A brewer design that you can depend on, uses the highest quality materials to ensure that your Varia will continue to make the best coffee everyday.


Seamless transitions allow you to choose between six functions, allowing you to have multiple flavour experiences with the same coffee, increasing your coffee knowledge.

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