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Sanvi 1010 Gray Moisture Meter

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Sanvi Industries
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Includes: Padded Travel Case, Moisture Meter with cap ,9v DC Battery (Duracell)

Principle: Capacitance based Moisture Meter

Dimensions (cm): 23 (1) x 9 (b) x 7.7 (h)

Environmental operating temperature ranges: 0° to 55° Celsius.

Measurement range varies with commodity (5% – 35%)

Sample temperature ranges from 5° to 60° Celsius.

Sample test time: 5 to 15 seconds depending on sample temperature.

Display: Backlit LCD display

Power requirement: 9V DC battery (Duracell)

Power saving: Automatic Power OFF for long battery life

Accuracy& Repeatability: +0.5% depending upon Moisture level and applications.



  • Coffee (Arabica Green, Robusta Green, Parchment coffee)
  • Grain (Wheat, Maize, Rice, Jowar)
  • Beans (Red Kidney beans)
  • Pulses (Black Gram (whole/split), Pigeon Peas (whole/Split))


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SANVI Industries LLP (Vadodara) is involved in the development and manufacturing of Moisture Meters and other measuring instruments for both agriculture and industrial applications since 2017.

The Sanvi 1010 Features:

SANVI 1010 Moisture Meter is used during harvest, drying and for appropriate storage of the grains. It is a microcontroller-controlled instrument and provides a direct moisture readout without any conversion needed.

  • SANVI 1010 is a field type meter having a rugged ABS plastic body with an ergonomic design to make it a better hand held meter.
  • The meter comes in shock proof carry case with a shoulder adjustable sling for easy transportation even to remotest of places.
  • Measurement options of up to 8 different grains, seeds and beans.
  • Automatic averaging function for moisture results without switching off the meter.
  • Automatic power switch-off after 80 sec for long battery life.
  • User adjustable calibrations bias for each variety allowing a match with any reference.
  • Requires only a small sample size for testing.


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