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Get 15% on Comandante C40 series

Roest L100 Plus Professional Sample Roaster Full Package

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Package Contains:

L100 Plus Sample Roaster with Black Aluminium Panels and PTFE Handles

Cupping Tray X 3pcs

Ventilation Hose – 3mtr

Peli Case for safe travels

Extra Heating Element


LED Light Window

First Crack Detection 

Environmental Temperature Probe

Bean Temperature Probe

Drum Temperature Probe

Exhaust Temperature Probe

Proximity Sensor

Technical Details

Power: 1670W
Voltage: 230V
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Dimensions(mm): W 260 X D 370 X H 370
Gross Weight: 18 Kg
Capacity: 50 – 120g / Batch

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User-friendly design combined with smart technology makes it easier then ever before to fully develop your coffee.
ROEST Sample Roaster reduces the workload from sample roasting, saves time, increases consistency and quality. Manual roasting with many adjustable variables enables you to improve your roasting skills and expand your knowledge about coffee .
It is our mission at ROEST to constantly seek for innovations and technical solutions to increase the quality of roasted coffee and make roasting accessible and time efficient.

ROEST Web Portal provides live view of your roasting process.
It saves your logs in the cloud for later evaluation and allows you to create & share roasting profiles.

Our newest feature turns your coffee roaster in to a fully automatic roaster delivering higher consistency between your roasts.

It listens to the cracks!
ROEST automatically registers the first crack for you and starts the development count down. The whole roasting process is done without any assistance.

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