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Puqpress Q1 Precision Automatic Tamper

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Compatibility: Spouted PF’s, all brands
Tamper size: 53.0mm – 58.3mm
Shape: Flat Bottom
Pressure: 10-30 Kg (+/- 1Kg)
Cycle duration: 1.3 seconds
Cable Length: 2.5-metre power cable
Power: 60 Watt
Input Voltage: 110-230 Vac, 50-60 Hz
Dimensions: 125mm (L) X 150mm (W) X 220mm (H)
Net Weight: 3.8 Kg
Gross Weight: 4.8Kg
Approvals: CB, CE, KTC, NSF-8, EAC
Warranty: Over 100.000 cycles or 1 year

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Perfect level tamping:
Makes every coffee taste better

Hands-free operation:
Higher output per staff member

Adjustable force up to 30Kg:
No more complaints about RSI or Wrist fatigue

Every one tamps perfect instantly:
Save time in training

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