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Pullman Barista Handle Checkerboard with 58mm Base

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Checkerboard is the striking trademark of Pullman handle, made by alternately laminating Jarrah and Maple pieces, and then turning the resultant blank.
The result is a strong, functional but very distinctive handle you’re unlikely to miss!

  • Warm and natural to the touch
  • Clean with care
  • Custom engraves with lower contrast than aluminium

The hardwood handles are very popular and provide a great contrast with stainless steel machines and work surfaces.

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Barista Convex Base 58mm – Pullman

These Pullman bases are crafted from 304 grade stainless steel, and all tamper parts are made in Australia. Other benefits of the Pullman bases include:

– Stainless steel bases are precision-machined with True Tamp rings for a consistent and level tamp

– An ergonomic synthetic rubber compression zone for maximum comfort; also minimises high-volume fatigue

– And a set of 3 stackable straight-sided stainless steel spacers, providing up to 15mm of height adjustment in 8 steps without compromising the tamper’s ergonomics. Because no two hands are the same size, an optimum handle height makes a large difference to the busy barista.

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