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Pallo Coffeetool LP Black

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  • Product Dimensions: 1 x 9 x 2 inches
  • Water deflector fins
  • Long lasting bristles and Steam Wand vent hole cleaner
  • Detergent dosing spoon
  • 3-pack replacement bristles (sold separately)
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What is a Coffeetool?

Coffeetool is a better, smarter way to clean and maintain your espresso machine. At Pallo, they’ve approached daily espresso machine cleaning and maintenance from an entirely different angle. Coffeetool’s unique design and innovative features means espresso machine maintenance just got a lot more efficient and a lot less painful.

The award winning Coffeetool is a truly unique, multifunctional tool designed specifically to prevent scalding water from reaching your hands while you clean. Add to this our replaceable bristles, pre-measured detergent spoon and replaceable steam wand vent poker and you’ll agree that there really are no comparisons. Try one for yourself and feel the difference.

The original multi purpose barista tool. This revolutionary super tool will change what you expect out of your espresso brush forever…

The Pallo Coffee Tool features:


  • Bristle Cartridge. Threaded, replaceable espresso machine brush bristle cartridges, all varying in stiffness, bristle count and weight. When bristles wear out simply screw on a new one.
  • Water Deflectors. Pallo Coffeetool’s ingenious water deflectors prevent scalding hot water from ever reaching your hands.
  • Steam Wand vent poker at one end for cleaning and declogging neglected tips. Get rid of the paper clips we have a better solution!
  • Detergent Spoon. Save money by dispensing the right amount of powdered detergent every time.

How do I use a Coffeetool?

NOTE** Some of the following steps require a commercial or semi-commercial backflushable espresso machine. If you are unsure if your espresso machine fits this profile, check with your espresso machine manufacturer before proceeding. If your machine is NOT a backflushable commercial or semi-commercial espresso machine, use step 3 ONLY.

  1. Using Coffeetool’s on-board detergent spoon, place a spoonful or less of Espresso Parts Espresso Machine Cleaner by Puro Caff (backflush detergent) into a blind insert” (without holes) in your portafilter handle.
  2. Attach the portafilter to the group and start backflushing your machine following the instructions on your detergent package.
  3. When its time to flush out the system
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