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Melodrip Stainless

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Machined 304 stainless steel//knurled for optimal handling//bent to maximize visual clearance. 38.2g


Melodrip dish

Eastman Tritan TX1001 copolyester//certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 51 for Food Equipment Materials//certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61 – Drinking Water System Components-Health Effects. 11.8g


Stick [short]

Perfectly sized borosilicate glass stirring stick. We’ve tried almost every size out there, and this one is optimized for eliminating dry clumping and evenly saturating without agitating the coffee slurry. 6mmx150mm Borosilicate Stick 10.7

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Cleaner, Sweeter, Pourover Coffee.

The original melodrip with a stainless steel handle is now in the hands of top competitors, coffee professionals, and home enthusiasts world wide.

This new approach to brewing is derived from thousands of hours of research and feedback from the most discriminating coffee brewers in the specialty coffee space and its benefits continue to be explored by hundreds every day.


Melodrip is not just a tool, but an advanced brewing method.

For over 100 years coffee has been brewed using a bare kettle, even though there have been advancements in Farming/Roasting/Grinding/Brewing Tech since then.

As a result, kettle based pourovers have been viewed as a simplistic approach to single cup brewing, but we understand that precise control and technique can result in nuances in flavor that are unrivaled by the most advanced machines.


The New Age of coffee and brewing has just begun.

We’ve crafted a tool that maximizes the potential of your kettle and brewing devices to allow first-of-a-kind brewing control that lets you to control the mechanics of the coffee inside your brewing device.


So what does it do?

Melodrip controls the suspension of particles while you’re brewing. By controlling the amount of suspended particles in the slurry you can minimize the effects of fines impacting the filtration of your filter paper as well as particle discharge (fines flowing out of the filter paper).


How do I use MD?

Simply follow the instructions we include, which recommends a mix between bare kettle and melodrip showering.

Simply hold melodrip close to your pourover brewbed and gently pour water over it as you would a regular pourover.

The resulting cup will be strikingly clean, sweet, and less bitter even at high concentrations.

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