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Mahlkonig EK43 Burr Alignment Tool

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As of now an updated version of the EK43 alignment tool is available which is compatible with all pre-breaker variants. The price for the tool remains the same. Hence, our MAHLKÖNIG service partners are now able to execute a fine adjustment on any EK43 – helping you to turn your specialty coffees into truly unforgettable taste experiences.

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When it comes to preparing your precious specialty coffees, any detail makes a difference. It’s all about combining the finest taste nuances with the coffee’s full entire aroma to achieve a unique experience for all your senses.


The fine adjustment of your EK43 coffee grinder after every grinding discs exchange lays the foundation for this.


The EK43 alignment tool eliminates any misalignment of the grinding discs to the motor shaft. The resulting concentricity guarantees for absolutely consistent grinding and contributes to an increased lifespan of the stressed machine parts.

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