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Kruve PROPEL Espresso Glasses, 75ml

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  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Hand-Blown Glass
  • Double to Single Wall

Sold as Set of Two.

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The PROPEL espresso glass set (set of two) features an elegant, yet functional design that provides you with a more consistent and aromatic experience in every sip. It’s time to take Espresso glassware to new heights.


Each 2.5oz (75ml) PROPEL espresso glass is uniquely hand-blown and purposefully designed to give you the best tasting single or double shot. The double-walled construction ensures the glass is cool to the touch, while keeping coffee temperature just right. It also features a robust amount of headspace to help capture and circulate the rich aroma.

Due to espresso’s oily nature, it can easily stratify and separate into different tasting layers. However, thanks to three internal fins and a convex-shaped bottom, when swirled in the hand, the PROPEL glass will agitate the coffee and de-stratify the various layers, providing a consistent and balanced flavor in every sip.

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