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Kamel 15pcs Bean Cellar

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Kamel 15pcs Bean Cellar

Product ID: BC25G*15P
Size: 25g
Dimensions: W 37mm X H 92mm
Material: PP, Silicon, PET

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Kamel 15pcs Bean Cellar

Enjoy many interesting coffee flavors by dividing various various kind of beans. It is a special reusable sub-dividing container and Kamel Bean Cellar that applies simple, partial and portable values that prevent the dispersion and loss of the original flavor of the beans caused by opening and closing.
At home, in the office or outdoors. Bean cellars are the simplest tool to enjoy coffee anywhere. Enjoy my favorite coffee, where you like it.

Silicon Aroma Valve
It helps minimize dispersion of beans and preserve flavor by blocking outside air. And we added the function of smooth gas emission through triangular punching.
*Punching shape is not uniform

The white part of the bottom of the Bean Cellar is a natural phenomenon that occurred in the process of making the product transparent like glass considering the thickness and material of the product.

It’s a composition of 15 Bean Cellars.
*Mini hopper is not included. Please don’t make a mistake in your purchase.*


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