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Jibbijug Warrior X-Men Milk Pitcher

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  • The medium weight help to set the pattern down easily and flight with thick creama. Suitable for Killing all Basic Patterns for Beginners who have less latteart skills.
  • The wider and Super longer pointy spout will help to reach the surface easier.
  • 8-10 oz cup size. Dark roast/ Thick Crema / Gassy coffee Drawing / advance patterns is possible but reccommend in 8-10 oz cup Comparision with a Magicain Same body/ 180g weight/ shape.
  • Pointier/ wider spout compare to a Magician
  • Leaves size will be wider compare to a Magician
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The Warrior x men is a mutant of Magician body and Warrior spout. The weight is at 180g is great for all basic patterns that use pushing technique.

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