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Hario Smart G Electric Handy Coffee Grinder

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COLOR: Black

SIZE: W59 × D53 × H332mm

CAPACITY: Coffee grounds 24g

WEIGHT(incl.individual box): approx.1100g



・Handy Coffee grinder・Holder

Grinder: ABS resin

Charging jack lid: Silicone rubber

Socket: Steel

Protective film for screen: PET resin

Holder: PMMA resin


Coffee Mill

Handle grip: Polypropylene

Lid, Hopper, Outer burr stopper, Ground coffee bottle : Methacrylate resin

Handle, Shaft, Spring, Grind adjustment nut : Stainless steel

Washer, Shaft cover, Inner burr holder, Grind adjustment knob : Nylon

Band : Silicone rubber

Burr : Ceramic

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  • Powerful and Compact. Electric and Hand-Ground 2WAY Coffee Mill.
  • Whether it is a Normal Hand Grinding Mill or an Electric Mill, it can be Used According to the Scene.
  • A Motor with Power Comparable to that of Lightly Roasted Beans has Eliminated the Hassle and Time of Conventional Hand-Milled Coffee Mills.
  • Compact Size and Lithium-Ion Battery Type can be Carried Around, so You can Enjoy the Freshly-Scented Scent Anywhere and Entertain the People Around You.
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