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Hario Metal Drip Scale

Brand :
Product Id: VSTM-2000HSV Category
  • USB Chargeable
  • Maximum weight : 2000g
  • Unit of display : 2-200g:0.1g 200-500g:0.5g 500-2000g:1g
  • Battery lasts up to 80 hours
  • W120×D175×H31mm

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In order to brew delicious coffee, extraction quantity and extraction time is essential. The drip scale is used to simultaneously measure both of these factors. The metal drip scale is equipped with a rechargeable battery and has a backlight design.

The new Hario Metal Drip Scale is designed to be more durable and more user friendly! This version of the popular scale and timer now has a removable weighing platform for easy cleaning. It can also be switched horizontally or vertically for flexible usage. The display is LED backlit, and the timer even charges via USB. Not that you need to charge it very often – the nickel-hydride battery gives it lasting power of up to 80 hours continuous use!

The body of the scale is made for easy cleaning, with a wipable body. And it has handy rubber feet to ensure it doesn’t slip while you’re weighing.

The Hario Metal Drip Scale is designed to integrate seamlessly with the Hario Drip Station for a perfect home or cafe brewing setup.




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