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Flair 58 Portafilter Dispersion Screen

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Flair Espresso
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The Flair 58 Puck Screen, beautifully branded with the Flair 58 logo, will soften and even out the delivery of water to the coffee bed. This will help to prevent channeling and ensure a more even and balanced extraction from your Flair 58.

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In addition, the Puck Screen will reduce the need for cleaning of the brew head, as it will minimize the amount of coffee material that is pulled into the brew head when lifting the lever after a shot is completed. The Puck Screen will prevent the need to remove the brew head, perhaps to once a month or less, as it will trap the material within the mesh which can be easily flushed out under the tap.

Given the thermal mass of the screen, it is recommended that it is placed in the portafilter and locked in just before turning on the preheat controller.

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Flair Espresso


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