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Eureka ORO Mignon Single Dose Black: “inclined” to zero retention

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Type: Flat
Diameter: 65 mm
Material: Diamond Inside (patented Eureka)

Touch Display: No
Dose counter: No

Traction: Direct
Revolutions per minute: 1650
Power absorbed: 320 watt

Available versions: Manual
Continuous micrometric adjustment: Yes
ELR System: Yes
Silent Technology: Yes
ACE System: Yes
Single Dose hopper: Included
Mignon Blow Up Cleaning: Included
Dosing cup: Included
Hopper capacity: 45 g
Productivity (g/s): 2.3 – 2.8 Espresso| 2.8 – 3.3 Brew

Height: 321 mm
Width: 128 mm
Depth: 260 mm
Weight: 7.2 kg

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ELR System (Extremely Low Retention): the perfect inclination of the grinding chamber (15°), combined with dedicated technical solutions, ensures retention close to zero.
New Single Dose hopper with branded wooden lid and revolving metal tab (45 g), designed to best satisfy your unique coffee moments.
Dosing cup, made of stainless steel (45 g), it helps you to easily transfer ground coffee right to your portafilter, all while keeping your workspace.
Thanks to the included Mignon Blow Up Cleaning you can prepare your next shot with the grinding chamber always clean.
Oak base shaped for the cups in the catalogue, for an even higher optimization of the workspace.
The particular combination of engine – Diamond Inside® burrs (65 mm) guarantees high productivity (2.3 – 2.8 Espresso; 2.8 – 3.3 Brew) and a wide range of grinds achievable.
Maximum silence thanks to the “Silent Technology”.
“High Speed” maintenance, handy and easy, whitout losing the grinding setting.


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