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E61 Bottomless Black Handle Portafilter

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  • Fits Standard on Profitec / Rocket / ECM / E61 groupheadsLightly fill the portafilter basket to the top
  • Use your finger to gently even out the grounds
  • Lightly press the tamper into the grounds and find a good center point
  • Evenly apply approximately 30 lbs of pressure to the grounds
  • Tap the side of the portafilter to reveal loose grounds
  • Lightly tamp these loose grounds into place
  • Sit back and enjoy one of the coolest looking effects in espresso extraction
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If you haven’t seen the coloration that comes out of a bottomless portafilter, you are really missing out. This unique way to extract shots with the 58mm Bottomless Portafilter for Profitec / Rocket / ECM and E61 models offers a great view into the process as rich hues of brown come waterfalling out from underneath your brewhead unit.

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