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Duomo coffee distributer the eight 58mm

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Duomo coffee
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DUOMO The Eight’s 8 different things compare to previous one.

  • It became 8 needles! That’s why DUOMO The Eight! Yes, It was 7. But we reseached a lot of time and realized 8 needles are more efficient. And sure, We re-organized the needles’s location for optimizing.
  • The needle has been changed to slimer so that less whole in the coffee also those new needle is less electric statics so less coffee attached on the needles.
  • Shape of the handle changed for better grib of your hand. It is totally easy and feel comfortable. No more worries to drop down DUOMO while you use.
  • Fine tuning for the needle depth controller so that you can use all of basket regardless depth of the basket such as triple basket or double.
  • Brush base improved a bit as well. Cleaner and more stable.
  • Shape of the body also changed a bit so that it is quite fit to portafilter. More stable with your portafilter.
  • Easy spinning system. Turn it around as much as your coffee distribute
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Duomo coffee distributer the eight 58mm


Duomo coffee

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