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Conti NL Evo Espresso Machine

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Height (mm) : 508
Width (mm): 690
Depth (mm): 510
Weight (kg): 58
Steam Boiler Size (Litres): 11
Steam Boiler Element (W): 2850/3300
Total Power (W): 3050/3500
Voltage (V): 230


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The NL EVO is our simple, yet effective model designed for low to mid volume
environments when something bespoke and unique is required

Built around the fundamentals of our CC100 range, the NL EVO is technology packed, built to last and offers
the perfect solution for those special multi-site projects.

Cohesive Design
We wanted the NL EVO to transition itself into any environment, keeping the design pure and clean,
whilst creating an ergonomic tool for craft­ing a variety of drinks day in, day out. Available in 1 group,
2 group compact or standard 2 group with LED DISPLAY, this range is versatile and appeals to all.
Tall Cup
No matter which configuration you choose, the NL EVO is available in Tall Cup format at
no additional cost, making takeaway service simple and efficient.
Adjustable Temperature Using P.I.D.
Control espresso extraction temperature and perfectly match machine to bean, to encourage
consistency and give results, shot aft­er shot.






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