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CHEMEX® Ottomatic™ 2.0

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Marco Chemex
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Automatically manages key brewing variables

• Pre-Infusion

• Contact time of water to coffee

• Heating water to the Specialty Coffee Industry target temp (197.6F-204.8F)

• Hot Plate which keeps the coffee warm without burning or compromising flavor.


Introducing the “Greedy Cup” Sprayhead Technology

• Staged brewing cycle

• Pulsing water bath which ensures maintained temperature

• Saturation of entire coffee bed

• Facilitating even extraction

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For over 70 years the CHEMEX® brand has enjoyed a rich legacy of design, quality and innovation.

All across the globe people can be found using the CHEMEX® system to extract the perfect cup, every time. This led us to ask ourselves, how could we improve upon perfection? We can’t, but we can amplify it. Let us tell you how… Our desire was to invent a machine that would not only enhance but also complement the CHEMEX® experience. To actualize our dreams we collaborated with Marco Beverage Systems in both research and design. Through creative thinking, Marco’s expertise in automated water delivery systems and the belief that we could create a beautiful, perfect pourover machine, the CHEMEX® Ottomatic™ was born.


The look and feel of the Ottomatic™

The Ottomatic™ is sleek and simple in its design, yet within it can be found brilliant and careful engineering. Much like its glass beaker counterpart, the Ottomatic™ is easy to use and highly functional in addition to being beautiful. The Ottomatic™ is unobtrusive and perfectly compliments the elegance of the

glass CHEMEX® carafe. The unmistakable quality and effortless functionality are in tune with our enduring philosophy that beauty and science can be one and the same. Unlike other coffeemakers, the Ottomatic™ has no plastic filter tray to clean and requires very little maintenance. Once the filter has been used, simply remove it and discard. The ease and control of brewing with the Ottomatic™ is

unparalleled. The only effort needed is in filling the water reservoir to the denoted line, putting the desired amount of coffee into the filter and pressing the button. The coffeemaker will do the rest…

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