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Chemex Funnex Coffee Maker

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Materials: Double walled pure borosilicate glass & silicone gasket

Filters: CHEMEX® FP-2 & FP-2N Bonded filters

Capacity: 5 to 15oz. cup

Height: 11.43cm

Diameter: 10.79cm


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Conical shape allows proper water to grounds contact

* Does not include drinking glass/mug and or brew bar

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The double walled borosilicate glass Funnex® brews from 5 up to 15 oz. of CHEMEX® coffee. This unique brewer is portable, sturdy and highly functional. It comes with a silicone gasket for use with all types of cups, mugs and thermoses. The Funnex® is perfect for brewing in the home, office, dorm room, on a camping trip – the possibilities are endless!

Let the fun begin!

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