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BWT Limescale Pad – Bestsave L

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BWT bestsave technology:

Simplicity: no installation needed in the water tank

All materials used are of food-grade quality

Hygienic protection against bacterial growth

Removal of unwanted tastes and smells (e.g. chlorine)

Benefits of BWT bestsave at a glance:

Usable in all compact coffee and vending machines with built-in water tanks

Easy to use and reliable

The very best quality drinks, consistently, every time Safe and effective protection against limescale Less maintenance and descaling required

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Perfect basic limescale protection for automatic coffee machines
The new BWT bestsave limescale protection pad offers the perfect basic limescale protection for all hot drinks machines with integrated water tanks. This means that BWT bestsave, in all its various sizes, is compat-ible with almost every type of coffee-maker, automatic coffee machine and compact vending equipment.
Whether supplied to caterers, bakers, small cafés or to offices in the Office Coffee sector, BWT bestsave is still the easiest and most efficient solution for top quality drinks.



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