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Barista Hustle The Ring, 58mm

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Barista Hustle Tools
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  • For 58mm Basket
  • 304 stainless steel material
  • Mirror Finish


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Cleanliness is next to baristaliness. If your workflow involves coffee grinds and a portafilter, chances are the Ring can help. Magnetised, mirror polished interior, and fully stainless steel; we couldn’t make it any better.


Max Quality

304 stainless steel. Brushed exterior. Mirror polished interior. 8 Neodymium magnets. No coatings or paint to chip off. It’s an heirloom.


Mirror Mirror

The inside surface of the Ring is mirror polished so you can spot any errant grinds and keep things super clean with little fuss.



8 magnets keep the Ring snugly on your basket, even upside down or during some wholehearted tapping. Once you’re done, it comes off without any fuss.


Suits You

We designed the Ring for use in all bar settings. High volume or low. Direct grinding or with cups. WDT mess containment or side-tapping. It’s up to you.


Fifty Eight

The Ring is ready to catch grinds beneath most grinders or keep your dosing cup routine crispy clean atop all standard 58mm baskets.

Size / Capacity


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