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About Brewing Gadgets
Brewing Gadgets is based in Dubai U.A.E. We have had our humble beginnings in the year 2011.We strive to learn as much as we can each and every day so that we can bring our customers the newest innovations and the best equipment, tools and supplies available!
We believe in one thing and one thing only i.e. ‘Quality is above all other aspects’ may it be a product or life.
Innovative and creative is what we are!!!
We pride ourselves on being one of the most innovative and creative companies in the middle east to have the best quality products. Take a look around and you are bound to find other companies following in our footsteps selling products that we first bring to the Middle East Coffee World.
Service Oriented
Brewing Gadgets is small company that is big on service. We have consultants who have very rich experience  and dedicated staff for executing orders in a timely manner and at your service always. We want to sell you exactly what it is that you need based on your specific needs, wants and desires. Our consultants can help you make informed decisions based on their rich experience in the coffee related trade. Just shoot us a mail and we’ll shoot your coffee troubles away !!!
Brand We Represent:
  • Hario Coffee Makers
  • Chemex Coffee Makers
  • Aeropress Coffee Makers
  • Server Products 
  • Diedrich Coffee Roasters
  • Rattle Wear  Barista Tools
  • Caffeto Coffee machine Cleaners
  • BWT Water Filters