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Exploring Coffee in Dubai
Posted On: 25-06-2012

Middle East a mix of different kinds of coffee drinkers and enthusiasts

Which cafe do you think serves the best cup in town ?

Why do you think it is the best ?

Which cafe pours the most amount of love into their coffees ?

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Water vapor does not take up more room than air. The air above the water, when heated, will eihter gain volume or gain pressure. The air gains a slight amount of pressure and pushes the water the only place it can go, up the tube. This allows that air to stay at a lower pressure, but a higher volume. Also, for an eight cup siphon I believe one minute is too short a brewing time. I use: 2-3 cup 70 seconds, 5 cup a little less than 2 mins, and 8 cup about 3 full minutes
By: Ericka

Hi there! All excellent poitns! This video was made when I just began using the syphon brewing method, and I have since refined my technique to address all of these issues. I now wait until the water enters the upper chamber before adding the freshly ground coffee. I do place the stem of the upper chamber into the lower one, but only seal it when the water reaches 195 degrees. After the brewing time is complete, I put the brewer onto a raised cooling rack and blow on the lower pot.
By: Mahdi
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